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I really don't share things on the internet anymore. I've covered this many times and sworn not to keep doing it, but a well learned lesson is a hard thing to ignore. But there are a few easy things to talk about and convey. And one of those is pets.

With one last e-mail today, all of my adoptees from last year are accounted for. So I'm going to take this moment for a gloat and a round up, so I remember the lessons learned this year. So not entirely happy.

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I'm actually pretty serious about trying to create a good amount of content for the fandom this year.  Though, by fandom, I'm half sure what I really mean is my friends.  That's how I roll.  Which means, loads of OP/SS, really. Oh, and maybe other fandom and sometimes original stuff, even. 

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I really meant to keep most of real life out of this journal.  But I think every corner of the internet I have has been pretty thoroughly infested one way or another with people I IRL know.  Which is just irritating, since I don't want to hear their crap about robots or what I post on my tumblr all the time.  But more importantly, because I hate the good 'ol boy system and the possibility of coworkers seeing me bitch.   

And I really do mean that.  I hate the good 'ol boy system.  I don't know if it's all the military (but I've pretty much had it confirmed that yes, yes it is), but it's half the reason I stay as happy as I can where I am.  I have no dick.  And that's how you get anywhere within the military structure, for the most part.  Probably, especially here in the south.  You have a dick and you play golf and you talk the big talk- even when you can't walk it.  I could name four people off the top of my head who did jack shit but play friends and do shit they weren't supposed to do in order to walk into their jobs.  You fuck up, you move up.  All that.  Hard workers need not apply. 

And when they need a fall guy, they find one.  My lead is being relieved of his position due to a failure that was caused by something that isn't even his job.  It's pretty much ruined my weekend.  Yeah, part of it is because he stood up for us and looked out for us.  And no one else in that org seems to know what we do, why we do it or if it even needs to get done.  But mostly, it's because that man is one of the sweetest damn people I know.  His eyes light up when he talks about his family or his rottweilers and he gets so embarrassed when things go over his head.   He's adorable.  He's completely adorable.  And it's so, so wrong that he has to deal with this now.  Worrying about where he'll be able to be moved, or if he can be moved in the company during an economy like this.  Dealing with the fact that he's in cancer remission and now might be unemployed.  

He's worked in the white house.  He's been from one part of the country to the other and probably to half the parts of the world considering what little I know about him.  And he's dedicated his life to security and for the last decade to this project.  And now they're tossing him out.  Because our whole command structure has been moving around, getting replaced, and our newest one seems to want his own good 'ol boys brought over to his own team.  Because he's not like that other team who we can never get support from.  Cause their lead plays games online with the big boss.  So no matter how many times he gets dressed down in the meetings nothing will happen to him.  

I dunno what's going to happen to my department, other than someone being brought in who doesn't even work on our side being given the reins.  But this weekend, at least, as worried as I am about what's going to happen to me, I'm going to be way more busy being pissed by what they've done to one of the gentlest men I know, who's stressed himself to the point of passing out to make shit happen for these asshats for years.  Just because he doesn't talk the good talk, he does what he needs to get done.  And doesn't misdirect blame if he does something wrong.  But mostly, mostly.  Because he's not just there to be their buddy.  

And just so this isn't completely real life related- TF Anonny, do you know us?  I might be jumping to assumptions here, but the angry no review rule came awfully quick if it's in reaction to me and Kon.  I guess it could have been someone else bitching about the same crap on the meme, but let's assume for a moment that it was because of our little bitchfest.  

Good lord, even if it wasn't.  Don't take it out on your reviewers.  Hell, don't take it out on yourself.  The whole point of bitching way over here on the other side of the internet is to let other people still have their fun.  Go have your fun, anon.  If we're bro or were bro, I hope you don't have hard feelings.  Heck, go have some discussion, if you want.  You can stay anon.  I don't think I or Kon have anon reviewing off.  (Edit: Oh, hey, I did have mine off.  Not off no more.)

But go have fun. Go have fun with your reviews and leave the bitching out of it, because, goddamn. You've written a lot and you deserve it. You want an honest review of the fic?  Cause I assure you it's still overwhelmingly positive over here and the majority of the bitching was about things that have bothered the both of us about the meme and fandom(s) in general for a long damn time.  Don't let other people bring you down and lessen your enjoyment in something that is so overwhelmingly positive.  

Oh, January

Jan. 9th, 2012 09:31 am
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Once upon yon time, January was merely an afterthought. The sigh after the nuts of Christmas. The great Thank God That's Over. Now, I think it's becoming 'Oh, my. My bank account. How uncouth' month.

Maybe if I'd been drawing this whole time I could ask for commissions, but dang am I rusty and everyone who used to know me has bounced off the internet into adult life. I guess I've got these rings for chainmail, but selling a bunch of 3 dollar aluminum Persian bracelets seems like a waste of time when you start factoring in shipping.

Class starts today. Oh yay, oh joy. Anyone need a part time irritant?
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Everyone was screaming at one another at work. My site is almost late and is still all messed up. The argument had me stuck at work an hour late. I cooked dinner and breakfast for tomorrow. Piled up the paperwork I'm not done with to get it off the couch. Vacuumed up the shredded mail bits. Covered the plants for the freeze tonight. Broke up a cat fight and cleaned up the water bowl they sprayed across the room and did all the dishes.

And I feel like I just had a great relaxing light day. That's the kind of December I had. The last really big appointment I was going to have tomorrow got rescheduled, and I feel all greeeeat.

Do I want to veg out playing torchlight? Do I want to start sketching? I don't know what to do without all of the holiday deadlines and pressures. It's amazing.

Till Death

Jan. 2nd, 2012 06:23 pm
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Title: Till Death
Rating: R
Verse: G1/Shattered Glass
Genre: Horror
Characters: Skywarp, Thundercracker, Protectobots, Starscream
Warnings: Disturbing images, implied torture
Other Notes: The verse is a bit mixed up, and somewhat unimportant.

Written for [ profile] competition_fun, and won me first place for that month! :B

This didn't really end up as scary as I'd wanted it to.  I wrote this back in October, the morning it was due.  Honestly, I had a lot of ideas about what led up to it and where it could go.  I've probably forgotten all of that by now.  The 24 hour cooldown passed a long time ago.  I'm too embarassed to even read it. 

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Anyone who watches [ profile] juushinkan might be reading what I posted before.  Sorry about that, but I thought I might put the more real life crud back over on that journal where it belongs.  For the year in review here on Joules, it seems much more appropriate, to do a little something involving some Transformers instead.

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I've become extremely closed when it comes to the online world.  Hilarious considering I once posted 5 times a day about anything and everything. Vented and worked out whatever was bugging me.  But that's some history right there, and this is now.  I don't even tend to tweet about many things that are actually going on.  So, let's do the whole year in a hand-basket.

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I'm starting to get bored. At least, I do believe that's what I'm beginning to get. A rather impressive feat considering I can entertain myself with a popcorn ceiling for at least an hour. Necessity adapted me to being a rather self contained and efficiently run pile of cell processes. But even so, now I'm starting to fester.

I haven't been forefront in a fandom since I was a teen with the time to do that sort of junk. My new job, however, has a worrisome amount of downtime, and while I should be studying for the time when my paranoia is proven correct and I'm laid off, I just don't want to spend the money on classes right now. So, my downtime has turned to other projects. But those are all planned now, and Christmas is looming close. Increasingly, every year, I kind of take a step back and wonder what I'm doing. I'm a somewhat neglectful friend when it comes down to it, but I tend to be a bit overly flamboyant when it comes to Christmas. It's not even driven by guilt or obligation (except in the instance of family). It's more like an excuse to shower people who I like with gifts without having to be embarrassed about it.

But that's all planned. Sites are marked for later reference. My supplies are piled on the counters. Now, I'm here at work without any of that and actual downtime (when my credit card isn't being fraudulently charged, anyway) that I'm starting to run out of things I need to research and am sitting here wondering what the heck am I going to do.

I finally got on board with tumblr, and looking through it when I remember to has made me realize that I'm back on the other side of the moat as far as fandom goes. I was having fun as a behind the scene runner. I've typed up long e-mails debating about jet characterization on blackberries while standing by the flightline gate and listening to jet engines. Skim over fics sent to me while sitting inside of a delivery van. Now I'm here and that's kind of gone now. Everyone who still had time for the internet has moved on now. Either busy themselves with other crap or gotten their own new circles.

And so, the conundrum of reliving college days. I used to write five posts a day. Used to have pointless comment conversations just to try and see if LJ had a max. Then everyone got busy and moved on, and it's kind of like that all over again. The internet can be a bustling infrastructure of fun an activity. But it can also be a void. Do I really want to run this operation pretty much solo? I'm rather used to running creatively as a group. Kon is around, but we do all the things together and real life tends to pull our interests in all direction.

I mean. I've got lists of roboart and robostories to write and draw and plot and do, but the jokes behind a lot of them have kinda gone dead and quiet. It's sort of depressing.

I suppose I still have my orders to do something for NANO. Just not really feeling very inspired.

Quick Rip

Sep. 19th, 2011 08:37 am
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Considering there's really nothing improving, and I'm about to need to dig into my secondary savings just to keep up with my bills, I might as well get this one over with.

Trip to AA next year? Yeah. About 95% certainty that's not going to happen.
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"And his two twin brothers, they're like five or six, but not as bad as this kid was. And for some reason one of the twins likes to, um *voice lowers* likes to play with girl things."

"I'm not sure why his mom lets him, but that kid sure likes his Barbies. I don't know if he'll outgrow it or if it means something for later. You know, like maybe he'll grow up to be like... gay."

Yes. You're a homophobe. I get it. Shut up. You don't think you're a homophobe but shut up. 'I'm fine with what people do in private but no one has the right to teach my son that that sort of behavior is ok' still makes you a homophobe. Not an understanding, of course not a bigot concerned parent.

We've kept away from politics lately. I thought we had something going. Or at least the ride to work wouldn't involve me replying with silence just to keep the peace.
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Sometimes, I still manage to kind of surprise myself with my own reactions to things. Usually not to the good things, no! One takes credit for those! Wears them proud!

But the bad things. Like picking up too much nasty slang like a teenager on the net and sounding like an actual prick instead of just a joking one.

This one, though, just speaks to me, baby. I just realized I knee jerk into thinking people are lying when they talk about 'what family is for'. More specifically, when they say all the positive, supportive, helpful shit 'family is for'. Even when I stare and know, know that this is a person who really believes it and follows through with that belief.

Then I just realize 'shit son, you should never have no kids. You got issues!'

Also, herniated discs, but this is a supporting argument!
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Let's have a hatefest. One that includes a few spoilers if you haven't seen these things somehow.

Day 03 - Least Favorite Autobot:

I tried to pick a different bot than Kon did. I really did. I tried, but I can't. Mostly because I hate him way more than she does.

I tried, I really did. Tried my best. But I just can't stand this guy. He was alright at first, I guess. But he sulks longer and worse than Thundercracker. He thinks he's the Avatar and he acts like depressed Naruto. He's half the reason why I can't accept Drift. I mean, Drift is bad enough all by himself.

And more than anything, it's because I can tell that the creators fap their asses off about him. They love him. His teary hippie attitude. His genius chakra robot meditation. And I can't help but think it's woefully bad. 'Oh.... ninja robot.... oh....' Not like it's anything new to the TF Franchise, but I had hoped that such stupid concepts had been left behind in the Marvel days.

But no. Then we have this guy. You don't know if he's going to stage a peaceful protest or go cry in the dark under the base. Then he goes and dies while holding a Robo-seance. What a hipster.

Day 04 - Least Favorite Decepticon:

Yeah, that's right. I said it. My least favorite Decepticon is movie Megatron. Most of the driving plot of evil is about him and his stupid. By the end, I just feel sorry for him since he's talking to walls and elephants and got lobotomized and can't seem to stop crying.

Mostly, I hate him because he's crazy. He's not cunning. He's not clever. He's barely even brutish. In 2007, he stormed around inside of buildings and reminded me of Jurassic Park. Sniffing out little fleshlings and crushing up through floors with his big teeth. In RotF. Well.

He's the Fallen's bitch. And anyone who's a bitch to 'ol Spiky McWaddles Face is ultra lame in my books.

He hears voices. He got one shotted after being MIA from the battle that took out all of his commanding officers. He drove through space like a frothing rabid dog and crashed into a glacier and knocked himself out.

I mean. This is some grade A Jackass stuff right here.
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So I read the answers in my phone e-mail just before bed. That, apparently, is the mathematical equation for forgetting nearly anything that happens for daaaays.

→ Comment with "So Scandalous!" (*giggle-snort!*)
→ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. Where's my story?!! heheh
In pieces on my flash drive, where it's always been! Well, maybe not alllwayyys, but the original files were written on a computer that's very dead now. So dead. That thing could blow out RAM sticks like nobodies business, so I finally put it to sleep.

....I should give that motherboard to someone I hate.

2. Oh, let's go with Dream vacay for you too.
I'm still trying to figure that one out! I'm contradictory. I want to relax, but can't relax if I leave things up to someone else to plan. I'm the most detail oriented of most of my friends, and they sometimes throw fits about how spontaneous they want to be so I'll show up and wait for them to be spontaneous.

But they never look up the place we're going to, so don't know what spontaneous thing there is to do. Durrhurr!

I'm trying to get more fit so I can be more comfy on any vacations I go on. So the short term dream vacation is apparently going to be going over to Britland as long as it doesn't blow itself up by next year!

3. And dream car. Any vehicle in the world, what would you have? :B Eerrr. I've never cared much about the car I drive. Honestly, I'd drive a middle of the road car because I like to stay low key. I'd be more likely to hire guys all named Magnus to work on it and keep it in top shape instead. My Camry will work for me until it dies for now.

4. Skill all children should be taught, but generally don't learn in school. GOOD GOD, THINKING. With the standards for the FCAT now, all school does anymore is teach strictly to that test so that the school can remain in good standing. More than that, now we've got kids who are taught they're all super special Mcspecial snowflakes who should be coddled at all times. They don't learn how to lose. They don't think they should be able to lose. And they don't learn to make educated decisions for their damn selves.

A lot of parents make it worse because they think their little perfect angels aren't old enough to understand anything and continue to coddle and keep responsibility away from their kids until they're way too old to want to have anything to do with it. So between everyone coddling the shit out of these kids, they don't think they have to make any decisions.

...If I had a nickel for every recent graduate I've seen rolling up to interviews looking like slobs and acting like movie stars and can't figure out with a single atom in their brains why the hell anyone would not hire them so they can lounge around and do jack shit....

So that might not be one skill, but all related! Responsibility, Critical thinking and decision making. And most importantly, these should be taught to them while their parents aren't being hardass dickfaces about it so they can also learn to have confidence in themselves and their own ability. You know. Give them some actual ability to be successful adults. Not just pass tests.

5. You gonna come down for my bday and hit the epic bar with me, ruu, and april? :D

If you got room for two more, I think something can be arranged. Where is this. Epic bar?
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So LJ fucked itself right as I wrote this yesterday. So I guess day 2 is now getting posted today.

I have a problem with picking just one Decepticon. Well, actually, I don't. But that's really sad, and I'm almost ashamed to say it. My e-peen shrinks just thinking it.

My favorite Decepticon is Starscream.

Perhaps my origin story, however, redeems me in some ways. I'm old. I don't quite remember when dirt was new, but I know that I saw a few episodes of Transformers when it came out on TV. They might have been reruns (I hope), but something about the time slot was hard for me to ever catch, so I only ever saw a handful of episodes. But I liked Starscream because he sounded funny when I was four.

Fast forward, and sitting in that theater in 2007 was like a nostalgia trip. :D Hey, that's the jet one! Something about the jet one. Something. The jet one. And from the deep sleep of my memory, I dredged up recalling that I liked that fucker for some reason. It merited further examination.

Low and behold that Starscream is apparently the epitome of that asshole guys hate. Because he gets all the girls despite being a dick. 'Why can't I get all the chicks?' neckbeards lament. 'Look at these all these chicks loving Starscream!'

Honestly, I'm not sure why most people like him. It's kind of like the Snape theory. Though, Snape can't be as unintentionally funny and/or cute as Starscream can manage to be in his childishness. While a lot of people like to redeem, I like them both for being selfish, assholic fucks. All my favorite characters are assholes in one way or another. Though, I do like how Starscream goes from dick to fuckfuckfuck in less than a second!

Fandom just continues to perpetuate the amusement, because he's used and abused in every way possible. Which, fandom also seems to be rebelling against in the last year. 'Y U NO USE SOMEONE OTHER THAN STARSCREAM? U LOSER, RAPE SOMEONE MORE INTERESTING RAPE. LIKE RARE RAPE, LIKE HUBCAP. HE ONLY IN COMIC CAMEO FOR ONE PANEL.' I've never gotten this mentality. But it's mostly because I'm very character driven and one track minded. I probably like a much broader variety of characters in TF than I have in any other fandom. But I'm not going to stop doing or reading fics and content about a character just because haters think it's too popular.

Haha. Fandom rules of engagement.

This got off topic like woah! And, because I love Decepticons best. Have a list of my favoritest. They're all so stupid! It's hard to keep the list small!

G1: Soundwave, Rumble/Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak, Stunticons, Astrotrain. BW: Inferno, Waspinator, Megatron. IDW: Megatron, Starscream. Animated: Blitzwing, Swindle. TF-Prime: Knock Out, Breakdown, Starscream.


Aug. 4th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Just keeping a third picture here for those who are friends of both journals. Honestly, I think you guys are getting the better shot to begin with. Then again, I just love that moonstone.

(Dual Life Means Dual Posts)
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With hundreds of characters, it's a giant bitch trying to figure out just one to highlight above all others. Especially on the Autobot side, where my bias isn't quite so heavy, or my love quite as thick. I mean, we who loves our Decepticons true must admit. Most of the Autobots just aren't quite as fun. First of all, they don't have as many mental and emotional disorders. The list just goes on from there.

But the one Autobot, who I've gone back to time and time again would be Ratchet. I think I liked him when I watched as a kid. For being Wheeljack's IDGAF drinking buddy and DAMMIT JIM, I'M A DOCTOR attitude. Also for apparently being a massive party guy in his younger days. I like him in TF: Animated, even though he's half Kup. He's just cantankerous and so regretful because underneath his gruff he's too much of a good guy.

Also gotta give him props for giving Megatron the finger and beating Starscream's face in back in Marvel days. Just because his morals said so. And no matter how much I've had to let myself get used to the designs in TF: Prime and get past those first episodes that were pretty F-ing dreadful, in there it's like the creators went reading fanfic and came out with that.

He's amazing. And I blame [ profile] justnuts entirely for why I kept watching. Also for making him even more awesome.

Bonus: My dream lulz AU for him would be teaming up with another medic. One who's outfit matches his paint job. One who has a Spy waiting for him back in the fridge.

Oh yeah. Don't lie. You know you all want to see it too.

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I do believe I'm one of the only people not flouncing a bitchfest about LJ at the moment. Maybe it's just because I actually work in network security, but but. Dudebros.

DDoS attacks are hard fucking shit to stop, avoid or prevent. Just sayin'.
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Kon wished, harassed and encouraged me to draw. So today, I drew. And there was much teeth gnashing as I had to relearn things I already knew. But I have, I think, given her what she wants.

EDIT: OH HEY, USING A TABLET ON DUAL SCREEN FUCKS IT ALL UP. No wonder I felt like I was drawing with a rock. Durrhurr fixed ratio now. Better luck next time newb.

Optimus and Starscream: A Love Story )
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I am feeling the sick here. Miserable at work and standing all day in front of a computer and uurrurghrhghg. In celebration of my misery, I will no doubt be unenthusiastic to the extreme and get next to nothing done.

Having admitted this problem to myself, I'm now creating a spreadsheet of my massive, useless collection of Dragcave dragons that annoy the shit out of Kon. I am a collector boss. My Gaia is packed and I don't feel like messing with that right now.

Don't be a putz, Kon. Pixel dragons are free and mindless stress relieving.
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