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Anyone who watches [ profile] juushinkan might be reading what I posted before.  Sorry about that, but I thought I might put the more real life crud back over on that journal where it belongs.  For the year in review here on Joules, it seems much more appropriate, to do a little something involving some Transformers instead.

I didn't get everything done I'd meant to finish for my fandom friends!  But once upon a time, far far away, I got it into my head to repaint the absolutely adorable eggplanes molds into Transformers.  The most obvious Transformers, as you can see, and it was goodly.  Took me forever to finally get around to doing it, and ended up setting up an entire creativity station for myself before I actually sat down to do it, but I do like the end result. They aren't perfect, but I learned a lot about what paints I like and don't like working with to airbrush.  About which tapes didn't have bleed under when marking off the wing stripes.  All in all, these little bastards kicked my ass, but I managed to finish them off for my friends. :B I ended up giving Starscreams to [ profile] amidoh and [ profile] shiome, and just now gave them to [ profile] ladydragon76, which is why I can finally, finally post about it. 

She knew about them for a long time, but didn't know I'd finally gotten them done.  I can totally admit that I'm kinda proud of myself.  But, she'd originally paid me for the trine, so they weren't really her Christmas present.  I made her the slave bracelet she'd asked for instead. 

I actually wrote a fic this year, too!  I'll probably post it to my journal soon, as I didn't really plan to stay anon permanently.  But it was the only fic I wrote and finished, even thought it was rushed, and it won tied first place over at [ profile] competition_fun.  Another proud item that leads straight into my new years resolution for the year.  It isn't weight loss.  I normally don't do that as a resolution, and I'm joining the seemingly TF fan oriented competition starting mid January over in [ profile] monthlygoals.  But mainly, I want to actually contribute a little to the TF fandom that I've been a part of for only years of my life now.  And, well, let's get honest.  I want to produce stuff for [ profile] primescream for [ profile] shiome and [ profile] konora.  Or have little sketch offs with shiome so she doesn't have to be the only one sending awesome funny cards full of derpy jets. 

And finally write that fic that I've owed [ profile] ladydragon76 for ages now.  Well, one of them, anyway. Not sure about the other.  And get to be around enough so that we can actually talk about the fic I used to beta for her when she finally decides to continue it. Generally, I want to create things for the people who made the last few years so great. 
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