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So LJ fucked itself right as I wrote this yesterday. So I guess day 2 is now getting posted today.

I have a problem with picking just one Decepticon. Well, actually, I don't. But that's really sad, and I'm almost ashamed to say it. My e-peen shrinks just thinking it.

My favorite Decepticon is Starscream.

Perhaps my origin story, however, redeems me in some ways. I'm old. I don't quite remember when dirt was new, but I know that I saw a few episodes of Transformers when it came out on TV. They might have been reruns (I hope), but something about the time slot was hard for me to ever catch, so I only ever saw a handful of episodes. But I liked Starscream because he sounded funny when I was four.

Fast forward, and sitting in that theater in 2007 was like a nostalgia trip. :D Hey, that's the jet one! Something about the jet one. Something. The jet one. And from the deep sleep of my memory, I dredged up recalling that I liked that fucker for some reason. It merited further examination.

Low and behold that Starscream is apparently the epitome of that asshole guys hate. Because he gets all the girls despite being a dick. 'Why can't I get all the chicks?' neckbeards lament. 'Look at these all these chicks loving Starscream!'

Honestly, I'm not sure why most people like him. It's kind of like the Snape theory. Though, Snape can't be as unintentionally funny and/or cute as Starscream can manage to be in his childishness. While a lot of people like to redeem, I like them both for being selfish, assholic fucks. All my favorite characters are assholes in one way or another. Though, I do like how Starscream goes from dick to fuckfuckfuck in less than a second!

Fandom just continues to perpetuate the amusement, because he's used and abused in every way possible. Which, fandom also seems to be rebelling against in the last year. 'Y U NO USE SOMEONE OTHER THAN STARSCREAM? U LOSER, RAPE SOMEONE MORE INTERESTING RAPE. LIKE RARE RAPE, LIKE HUBCAP. HE ONLY IN COMIC CAMEO FOR ONE PANEL.' I've never gotten this mentality. But it's mostly because I'm very character driven and one track minded. I probably like a much broader variety of characters in TF than I have in any other fandom. But I'm not going to stop doing or reading fics and content about a character just because haters think it's too popular.

Haha. Fandom rules of engagement.

This got off topic like woah! And, because I love Decepticons best. Have a list of my favoritest. They're all so stupid! It's hard to keep the list small!

G1: Soundwave, Rumble/Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak, Stunticons, Astrotrain. BW: Inferno, Waspinator, Megatron. IDW: Megatron, Starscream. Animated: Blitzwing, Swindle. TF-Prime: Knock Out, Breakdown, Starscream.

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"... from dick to fuckfuckfuck in less than a second!" perfect boyfriend amirite okay I'm sorry


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