Oh, January

Jan. 9th, 2012 09:31 am
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Once upon yon time, January was merely an afterthought. The sigh after the nuts of Christmas. The great Thank God That's Over. Now, I think it's becoming 'Oh, my. My bank account. How uncouth' month.

Maybe if I'd been drawing this whole time I could ask for commissions, but dang am I rusty and everyone who used to know me has bounced off the internet into adult life. I guess I've got these rings for chainmail, but selling a bunch of 3 dollar aluminum Persian bracelets seems like a waste of time when you start factoring in shipping.

Class starts today. Oh yay, oh joy. Anyone need a part time irritant?

Quick Rip

Sep. 19th, 2011 08:37 am
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Considering there's really nothing improving, and I'm about to need to dig into my secondary savings just to keep up with my bills, I might as well get this one over with.

Trip to AA next year? Yeah. About 95% certainty that's not going to happen.
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Sometimes, I still manage to kind of surprise myself with my own reactions to things. Usually not to the good things, no! One takes credit for those! Wears them proud!

But the bad things. Like picking up too much nasty slang like a teenager on the net and sounding like an actual prick instead of just a joking one.

This one, though, just speaks to me, baby. I just realized I knee jerk into thinking people are lying when they talk about 'what family is for'. More specifically, when they say all the positive, supportive, helpful shit 'family is for'. Even when I stare and know, know that this is a person who really believes it and follows through with that belief.

Then I just realize 'shit son, you should never have no kids. You got issues!'

Also, herniated discs, but this is a supporting argument!


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