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I had a dream about collectibles. I suppose I should be glad that it wasn't a Transformer in my dreamscape, otherwise, I might have to seriously start reconsidering how I spend my free time.... and who I associate with... and what I spend far too much money on. No, instead it was a plastic figure that looked a lot like my Nazgul on Horse weta workshop statue. Which is slightly odd since that bastard lives in his box in storage. Only it had some sort of helldog that attached to the top of it, and something else black and zombie like attached to the top of that, until it was some sort of Burtonesque amalgamation of scary black Halloween things (Only cooler looking than any of the normal decor).

And my mind insisted that it was a World of Warcraft collectible. This means I need to start punching my roommate in the face every time he suggests I reactivate my WoW account (even if I really do want that turkey). If he asks again after that, I should punch him, and then give him the People's Elbow while he's down. This is for my sanity, after all.

Like all dreams, I lived in some world where everything is smooshed together and overlapping, like some crap you'd see in Doctor Who. Only there was no Doctor to kick the kid who stole my figuring in the face. And the sad thing is that I realized that it was a dream by the way that this bastard's mother was actually trying to assist me and guiltily trying to avoid how much the damn thing was actually worth. Instead of having a fit involving how much of a special weshal snowflake her little vaginal offshoot might be. MY CHILD IS MADE OF GODLY THINGS AND IS A MIRACLE.

I'm almost sad that I already know that dream me wouldn't have enough wit to try and argue that their child is made up, in fact, of alleles, so shut up. Look at that red hair mutation. You've created a mutant, bitch.

Which makes me immediately wonder if my mind would call down Sentinels to attack the mutant red haired child after that. That's what you would get, you little dick, for ruining my figure, losing the amazing helldog and causing half of it to need to be repainted (which the mom did with black spray paint). I then wonder if I would call down Sentinels to attack the mutant children if I was lucid dreaming. It would be interesting to find out, since what I've read about lucid dreaming implies that the majority of the human population who actually achieve it immediately decide to have sex with everything. In their minds.
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I never did do anything resembling a normal intro post in this journal. It just sort of popped up and died in the ashes of Botcon and neverweres and my job screwing me repeatedly. But now I've been halfway demoted by my new boss, which means I'm less motivated to work twelve hour days and constantly check my blackberry. As soon as he arrived, I devolved into a regular old nine to fiver.

Which means I have more free time. Sort of. I'm [ profile] konora's heterosexual life partner, a.k.a. roommate. And believe me, caring for a troll like that takes a lot of work and cookies. I have four different bags of sugar in my pantry now. Perhaps that will appease the beast.

Mostly, I'm posting because I was prodded by her. Suspiciously close to the anon meme I heard some shit about. She implies that I should be more active in the fandom and actually do things with art that I never use anymore. Secretly, I suspect she read all that drama about how the funnest group I've seen in this fandom are a bunch of trolls and went, 'they're practically nice compared to you! These people need to see what a real troll looks like!'

I think she also wants me to be over here in the fandom space with her and burn everyone else's minds instead of just hers with talk of blushing daleks and Megatron's dreads.

But enough of that. I will now see how I may portray my personality with only pictures already on my photobucket account.

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