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I haven't posted to, well, anything lately. I've been horrible about reading twitter and facebook. I hardly look at lj anymore. My life has become this sort of whirlwind juggle of trying to go to the gym, working under new management (B/), spending too much money and indulging too much and going to my class.

I do have a back injury that was discovered after my accident. Not as serious as it could be, but it will be mostly permanent because lol spine. That got me thinking. I have to lift for my job, a lot. And not being able to do so makes me much less useful. Which made me worried about my job. Which made me network a little bit here and there.

Which brings me to the fact that I am more than likely MOVING within my organization. It will be astounding, and if the position I want gets approved, then apparently I will get it. The new prospective boss is apparently so interested that if they only get one slot, then she'll pick me. The only problem is that my current boss can say if I can leave or not because of internal rule shittery. So, I am currently waiting for him to tell me he's ready to talk to me so I can begin this conversation. So. Nothing official. Not officially opened up, but looking very, very likely that I am going to be MOVING ON.

Which will be awesome and astounding, since that job will not be the busy job that my current one is. It deals with security which also appeals to me more than end user support. Granted, there's all sorts of asshattery as far as trying to get other people to do their job so I can do mine, but I will have TIME again. At work, even, to study up. I'll get my Sec+, might even try to throw down for a CCSP. Decide if I want to get hardware or network certs. And in the meantime, go back to doing more school online because I'd have study time. FFFFFFF OMG I'M ACTUALLY EXCITED.

Since that would also mean time to do herpderp things like write, sketch and all the little things. :B

But while I wait for those AMAZING POSSIBILITIES, current life is just kinda mundane but fun. On impulse, I bought two budgies. Because one was GORGEOUS AND A BABY. She's regularly marked, but a grey wing and looks like she's grey factor in the body, too. So she looks entirely lilac and white. And she was SO FREAKING IN LOVE with a little normal but very deep and brightly colored turquoise boy. SHALLOW, BUT STILL. They still had all their little head bars and were hop hopping around together and sleeping up against one another. LIKE I COULD SEPARATE THAT.

I intended them to be cage birds, but I've had them less than a week and already managed to get both of them on my hands because they are so millet addicted I feel like a dealer. That little girl, who we named Bubbles, was smart enough to figure it out in a day. YOU HAVE MILLET :3 The boy took a little longer because he's MOE, and then freaked out and flapped himself into a corner and went under the dresser. Bubbles was all :C where did you- OH, FUCK NEVERMIND MILLET and didn't even cheep until I put her back in her cage.

Then we lured him out with moar millet sprays. He's totally moe and freaks the fuck out with trying to fly away, then hid in my hair like he thought he was safe.

We're thinking of naming him CHRONOS or MAGNUS. Something IRONIC AND MANLY. I think I like Chronos better, but Magnus is so manly. Do you get more manly than Magnus? I think I'd have to name him like, ROCK HARD PACK or MACHINE GUN or FLAMES or something to get more manly than Magnus.

Also, that beta is totally going to be named Tracks. Except he's like crazy Cliffjumper tracks. Always tries to attack the shiny colors on the tank background. But he's blue and has like, yellow flames in the middle of his tailfins. And swims around with THE BIGGEST DORSAL FIND I'VE SEEN ON A BETA EVER. Totally Tracks.

Waiting for meeting with the boss. FFFFFF this had better go well.
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A lot of people are doing year reviews lately. Something that I haven't done in long time because I'm an old bastard. And I'm uncomfortable with being sentimental unless I'm hormonal or depressed because I'm so manly like a beast, so I leave that part up to others. However, I'll still do a little review. Probably a lot a review because I'm so goddamn rambly, but here it shall be. Here comes 2011.

Living Requires COURAGE )
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So in the beginning of November. I was right on schedule for Christmas. A bunch of crap going. Things planned. But right about on schedule.

Then I got in a car accident.

Not a bad one. Just a fender bender and three cars total and blahblahblah. Either way, now I have six hours of therapy a week which I make right back up by working six extra hours at work. My Christmas countdown got ruined and now I'm just happy to have gotten the chilren all of their gifts and hardly look at anything online because I'm busy keyboard smashing like a champ.

Oh, so my co-worker also dumped his cat on me because he's a giant dumbfucker penis and I'm wasting some free time also trying to find a home for him, as I've already utilized every corner I could smoosh a rescue animal into when it comes to my social pool.

NOW, I've been roped into driving six hours to go see my sister AGAIN and(barely a month later and not a problem because I LIKE my sister-BUT) I don't have any off time left with my job because I hurrhurred over to the parent company for more profit and apparently more rape because I count as a new hire despite having done this for six years.

But that's not it. Not the fact that I hate driving those lengths so close together in days or the fact that I didn't get Christmas cards out or my presents done or the fact that everyone I know is broke anyway. No. I've been roped into driving my mom up there.

So, if no one ever hears from [ profile] konora again ever, it's because she clawed out of my car windows and onto a freeway because MY MOM. I can't even explain why this is so horrifying with anything other than MY MOM. Everyone can just hurrhurr in that our online buddylists isn't the only group who thinks we're sexgay.

Back to my keyboard smashing and caffeine.
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Ok, so far, it isn't as bad as I'd feared. The writing is cooky in that kid show way, but I was pretty much expecting it. And it isn't as cheesy as I'd even expected. It gets infinitely more interesting when they're dealing with Decepticons. Because they're actually nice and cut throat and there are interesting things (like Bulkhead telling FUCKINGIRL not to look as he rips out a spark chamber)

My beef.

Did you just look up in a dictionary what every character archetype I despise most and make them into children? It's like that episode of Star Trek:TNG where Picard got turned into a little kid. Only not awesome. Hey again. Fucking childhood prodigy WHICH I AM GETTING SO FUCKING SICK OF SEEING IN EVERY SHOW SINCE 1990 EVER CREATED. Only they keep getting YOUNGER. Like they have this de-aging virus where their hair gets bigger. This show seems to have Jimmy Neutron's little brother who can fuck anything over a WAN. Who taught you how to hack into federal systems, you little shit. You'd be more interesting if you were the guy from Live Free or Die Hard. Or the dumb fuck, poorly adjusted prodigy from Dr Who. In fact, this would be better if the youngest character was a Sontaran. It'd be like a baby humpty dumpty. And it could eat Decepticon face. If they had any, that is.

I can't even comment on the main character. Other than actually shitting a few bricks, it's like they pulled him straight out of the teenage main male character almanac. I'd rather this show be about his mom, who was cooler and looks 19 anyway. They had to give her SINGLE MOM ponytail just to differentiate.

More importantly. Hello exchange student with no accent at all, no noticeable cultural differences and the goddamn rare but always annoying THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUE dumbshit. I want her to be horrendously mutilated so she can walk around on robotic legs for the rest of her life thinking about what a dumbass she is.

And no, it's not just because they're human. I'm perfectly fine with the fed guy Fowler. He's supposed to be an asswipe, but what he's bitching about has merit. And he seems to have been hand picked by the joint chief for having some sort of mental disorder where he doesn't give a shit all the time. Which is much more interesting.

Also, slash away my minions. While I don't like Prime/Megs, Prime in this seems to have some sort of zen sparkly mind link with Megatron to know EXACTLY WHERE HE'S AT AND WHAT HE'S DOING AT ALL TIMES. Those fic summaries I've seen where they're secretly bonded the whole time? You don't have to make too much up for this one, you guys.

So all the Autobots seem really awesome. When compared to their acquired parasites. Actually, they're really not bad at all. These fucking kids need to get off my lawn.
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My job seems to irritate a lot of my friends. From the long hours that are just now being pulled back to the preoccupation I have with it due to my prior, ridiculous workload, it seems like it's usually getting in the way. Not as much as WoW gets in the way for the rest of my friends who can't be assed to try and fit in a night out when they have to raid, but still keeps me from doing those fun things my friends seem to want me to do.

I won't play all the useless games with my roommate or create fun fandomy things like jets humping one another on paper and animated icons of the Master riding on unicorns or something.

But sometimes. Sometimes. My job is awesome.

The rest of my co-workers balk at installing our smart phones on the network. It's not a computer, so their IT meat hands seem to not know what this foreign object is (that or they're just mad because they're blackberries and not an iPhone or some shit). I, however, am a SME at the things.

Consequentially, a lot of high rankers have blackberries that have problems. Today, it was someone with the most awesome office ever. Two walls of windows and overlooking the runways. I done him right and he's offered to let me come back whenever I want for a tour and radar play time up in the control tower.

Considering Kon is my roommate, the thought directly after 'C: Say wot' was 'HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'

Ten points to the person who can guess why.
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I had a dream about collectibles. I suppose I should be glad that it wasn't a Transformer in my dreamscape, otherwise, I might have to seriously start reconsidering how I spend my free time.... and who I associate with... and what I spend far too much money on. No, instead it was a plastic figure that looked a lot like my Nazgul on Horse weta workshop statue. Which is slightly odd since that bastard lives in his box in storage. Only it had some sort of helldog that attached to the top of it, and something else black and zombie like attached to the top of that, until it was some sort of Burtonesque amalgamation of scary black Halloween things (Only cooler looking than any of the normal decor).

And my mind insisted that it was a World of Warcraft collectible. This means I need to start punching my roommate in the face every time he suggests I reactivate my WoW account (even if I really do want that turkey). If he asks again after that, I should punch him, and then give him the People's Elbow while he's down. This is for my sanity, after all.

Like all dreams, I lived in some world where everything is smooshed together and overlapping, like some crap you'd see in Doctor Who. Only there was no Doctor to kick the kid who stole my figuring in the face. And the sad thing is that I realized that it was a dream by the way that this bastard's mother was actually trying to assist me and guiltily trying to avoid how much the damn thing was actually worth. Instead of having a fit involving how much of a special weshal snowflake her little vaginal offshoot might be. MY CHILD IS MADE OF GODLY THINGS AND IS A MIRACLE.

I'm almost sad that I already know that dream me wouldn't have enough wit to try and argue that their child is made up, in fact, of alleles, so shut up. Look at that red hair mutation. You've created a mutant, bitch.

Which makes me immediately wonder if my mind would call down Sentinels to attack the mutant red haired child after that. That's what you would get, you little dick, for ruining my figure, losing the amazing helldog and causing half of it to need to be repainted (which the mom did with black spray paint). I then wonder if I would call down Sentinels to attack the mutant children if I was lucid dreaming. It would be interesting to find out, since what I've read about lucid dreaming implies that the majority of the human population who actually achieve it immediately decide to have sex with everything. In their minds.
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Alphabetical Everyone is Doing It )

It's Christmas Countdown time. Which means getting friendship bread batter going, likely not finishing the gobs of creative gifts I always plan (FUCK YOU, I'LL DO THEM THIS YEAR, WAIT AND SEE). I have models to paint and VHS video to convert to digital media and a trip to Atlanta at the end of the month. And holy shit, classes and property taxes are going to hurt like a goddamn train /old.

It's a shame, because I had wanted to do Nanowrimo. Well, I say want, but it's in that vague way that I want to do things like being able to dance Salsa or want to learn to play the cello. Something to get to ONE DAY. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on trying to get those presents done so I might have some actual content to post to this thing instead of just my face.
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I never did do anything resembling a normal intro post in this journal. It just sort of popped up and died in the ashes of Botcon and neverweres and my job screwing me repeatedly. But now I've been halfway demoted by my new boss, which means I'm less motivated to work twelve hour days and constantly check my blackberry. As soon as he arrived, I devolved into a regular old nine to fiver.

Which means I have more free time. Sort of. I'm [ profile] konora's heterosexual life partner, a.k.a. roommate. And believe me, caring for a troll like that takes a lot of work and cookies. I have four different bags of sugar in my pantry now. Perhaps that will appease the beast.

Mostly, I'm posting because I was prodded by her. Suspiciously close to the anon meme I heard some shit about. She implies that I should be more active in the fandom and actually do things with art that I never use anymore. Secretly, I suspect she read all that drama about how the funnest group I've seen in this fandom are a bunch of trolls and went, 'they're practically nice compared to you! These people need to see what a real troll looks like!'

I think she also wants me to be over here in the fandom space with her and burn everyone else's minds instead of just hers with talk of blushing daleks and Megatron's dreads.

But enough of that. I will now see how I may portray my personality with only pictures already on my photobucket account.

What the Shit )
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It still begs the question.

What would Starscream do for a klondike bar?
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I suppose I could have updated this about a hundred thousand years ago. But, you know. Life has been mostly away from the intarwebs. Baaw for my online life, kudos to everything I actually have to do. However. I have basically not heard from lots of people since I've been doing such busy things.

Frankly. I'm tired of hounding anyone for what their Botcon plans are supposed to be. I live way too close to Orlando to bullshit with anyone else unless they petition me. So, just an FYI. If you haven't made plans with me, or actually given me any information. I'm just going to assume that I can ride my happy ass straight to my hotel and then take a tram over to Disney so I can eat lunch in Epcot. Or whatever.

Also, Kissispark is trying to make me do fandom things. More horrendous than Strawberrimus Primecakes, even. We'll see if she can actually accomplish this.
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He, however, does not like the new teacher.

Not solely because she is human, though; no, not really. Zim dislikes her for another reason, one that has to do with a long and colorful poster she pinned up to the wall, soon after her stay as their teacher was announced to be permanent. The other students find the poster, and the weekly ritual surrounding it, to be a boost to their self-confidence. It endears them further to the woman, but unlike the others, ZIM will not be swayed.

The ritual is almost an insult to him, a blow to his ego, for no matter how many times the teacher might measure him against the poster, no matter how many times she might gently lie and tell him otherwise, Zim will never be any taller.


Meme Meme

Aug. 24th, 2009 10:28 am
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Oh, test. You know me. You even know that I only buy dinner for someone else without expecting payback for very specific reasons.

My Eneagram Says I'm a Dick )


Aug. 20th, 2009 10:47 am
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I feel as though I should read Twilight and watch Lifetime for at least a month so that I have the proper reference to write a truly terrible Robo-vampire romance.
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Today. I've been involuntarily thinking of songs from musicals appropriate for situations as they crop up.

So far today:

My friend complaining about work: 'A MAAAAAAN'S GOTTA DO WHAT A MAAAAAN'S GOTTA DOOOO'

Someone's depressed blog: 'AAAGONNYYYY..'

This is your fault, Dr. Horrible. All of it.
Even the songs that don't come from you.
And probably Web Side Story, too.

With my freeze ray
I will stop. The wooorld.

Mi Dia

Jun. 27th, 2009 01:24 pm
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So what did you fuckers do yesterday?
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Stoled from [ profile] amidoh. GONNA GET CAPPED. I'm so traditional.

Six ships you're into right now:
1. Skyfire/Starscream
2. Thundercracker/Starscream/Skywarp
3. Megatron/Starscream
4. Red Alert/Prowl
5. Red Alert/Inferno
6. Leozack/Deszarus

Three ships you liked, but don’t like anymore:
7. Blackarachnia/Prime
8. Starscream/Blitzwing
9. Jazz/Prowl

Three ships you never liked:
10. Sideswipe/Sunstreaker
11. Megatron/Optimus
12. Jazz/Soundwave

Two ships you're curious about, but don’t actually ship:
13. Sunstorm/Acid Storm
14. Starscream/Optimus Prime

Why do you dislike #11 so much?
I don't like the ARCH NEMESIS HAWT SEX angle. Besides that, neither of them should ever bottom. Not for each other. And no, I don't want them rolling around sex fighting. Not them.

Who is someone you know that ships #14?

What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?
Megatron gets shot in the face and cries out for Starscream to come save him and put band aids on his owwie.


Which is your favorite moment for couple #1?
The part where Skyfire isn't an overly nice pussy and rapes the shit out of Starscream because he likes it. Gently. More importantly, I want science dirty talk. And I'm not talking about sea cucumbers in Starscream's optics. I'm talking more like House's dirty doctor talk.

'I'm sorry, but we should be careful on this planet. Just the smallest molecule of these air particles getting deep into our internals... we can't anticipate the results.'

What's the story with #8?
I like Starscream. Blitzwing is amazing. That one is purely mashing dolls together.

But if we've got to go with a story... Coldfaice is a complete serial rapist killer head while crazyfaice is afraid of touching others in their special spots. Lulz ensues. Starscream is ALWAYS at the wrong place at the wrong time. And it's normally his fault.

You have the power to make one ship non existent. Choose from #10 or #12.
Oh god. The twincest goes. I'm looking at you, too, Jetfire/Jetstorm.

Which ship do you prefer #2 or #4?
It's seeker sandwich time, that's what.

What interests you about #14?
I WASN'T! Then Hate the Dark, damn it. And Abyssal. Damn it. Stop making it interesting. God.

Why did you stop liking #7?
Blackarachnia started to annoy me herself with her FEMININE WILES and ani Prime is a pussy. They're canon. And got boring.

Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show?
Haha. #9 has nothing to do with the show.

What’s a song that reminds you of #5?
I CAN'T SEE ME LOVIN NOBOOODY BUT YOOOU FOR ALL MY LIIIIIFEEEE (This reminds me of every pairing ever. Go ahead. Just imagine each one while singing that song.)

If you could have any of these two pairings double-date, who would it be?
3 and 6. Then Megatron and Deszarus can have a nice cup of tea while discussing world domination and forcing Leozack and Starscream to sex one another. Then rape them both for not doing it good enough.

Have #2 kissed yet?
Yes. But now I'm imagining all three trying to kiss at once. What a jumbled pile of wings and tangled helmets.

Did #4 have a happy ending?
What? Of course not. PROWL IS DEAAAAAD

What would make you start shipping #13?
Finding a way to make two unrelated mental disorders mesh into an amazing array of lust, desire, hate and religion. SUNFROLLO'S GONNA START SINGING HELLFIRE FOR HIS ACIDMELDA, AMIRITE?

If only one could happen, which would you prefer, #2 or #6?
What? I prefer 6. Even I'm surprised to discover this. All. amidoh's fucking fault.

You have the power to decide the fate of #10.
THEIR FATE. Is to fucking punch each other in the mouth while playing one another at video games and getting their asses kicked by Prime for being dickwads. Stop making them fluffy, fandom.

Which do you dislike the most?


Which of these ships do you love the most?
Starscream/Skyfire. That will always be my OTP, and no one has ever done it in a way that I can feel really satisfied enough to get over it.

Well, shit. This was actually fairly difficult. My 'ships' are more like 'SOUNDWAVE AND BEBBIES' or 'SIMMONS AND RED ALERT BFF' rather than romance.
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Everyone is doing it, you know. And me n sparkie already saw it anyway.

Spoilers. As if you didn't know )
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Sparkie did one, damn it. And people keep adding to my damn list. What the hell is up with the duality of the themes in these. My summaries are the most descriptive summaries you will ever see.

(For LDW) DevStar- Starscream is always a dick. Even if he's a spark in a human dick.
(For LDW) Striker Crack- No ones has babies like Starcream has babies.
Challenge- Strawberrimus Primecakes
Challenge- Prowl/Jazz- How does I shot web
Request- Starscream/Leozack BFF- Combine to form Captain Planet.
Drabble Request- Starscream's rape me dance.
Request- Megatron/Perceptor- Ohgodithurts
Hound/Mirage- Holding on to something, just because it's familiar in the face of destruction.
Hound/Mirage- The Allspark pimps Mirage's chariot ride.
Prowl/Red Alert- Personality extremes on Jerry Springer.
Montonumous vs Nosferatron, the Romance Novel- Vampire Robots vs Decepticon seeker rapers. Montonumous chases his seeker like Pepe Le Pew.
Skyfire/Starscream- How does it end happeh
Rovorons' date at the BaskinRobins
Rock off done right- Soundwave's guitar will slap your whoreface.
Skylock Holmes- Serve me your tea, bitch.
Holiday time- Stolen spark epic winz
Holiday time- Perceptor comes for you on Halloween, his ebil nerd glasses glint in the darkness.
Holiday time- Deszarus dreams of rape gone wrong
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You stupid whorebitch. Stop lamenting over having so much on the to-do list and start to-doing. Fuck. If you aren't doing at least one of these things at all times until completion, I'm going to rape your face.

Grocery Store
Present Making
Project Planning
Comm Posting
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