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Let's have a hatefest. One that includes a few spoilers if you haven't seen these things somehow.

Day 03 - Least Favorite Autobot:

I tried to pick a different bot than Kon did. I really did. I tried, but I can't. Mostly because I hate him way more than she does.

I tried, I really did. Tried my best. But I just can't stand this guy. He was alright at first, I guess. But he sulks longer and worse than Thundercracker. He thinks he's the Avatar and he acts like depressed Naruto. He's half the reason why I can't accept Drift. I mean, Drift is bad enough all by himself.

And more than anything, it's because I can tell that the creators fap their asses off about him. They love him. His teary hippie attitude. His genius chakra robot meditation. And I can't help but think it's woefully bad. 'Oh.... ninja robot.... oh....' Not like it's anything new to the TF Franchise, but I had hoped that such stupid concepts had been left behind in the Marvel days.

But no. Then we have this guy. You don't know if he's going to stage a peaceful protest or go cry in the dark under the base. Then he goes and dies while holding a Robo-seance. What a hipster.

Day 04 - Least Favorite Decepticon:

Yeah, that's right. I said it. My least favorite Decepticon is movie Megatron. Most of the driving plot of evil is about him and his stupid. By the end, I just feel sorry for him since he's talking to walls and elephants and got lobotomized and can't seem to stop crying.

Mostly, I hate him because he's crazy. He's not cunning. He's not clever. He's barely even brutish. In 2007, he stormed around inside of buildings and reminded me of Jurassic Park. Sniffing out little fleshlings and crushing up through floors with his big teeth. In RotF. Well.

He's the Fallen's bitch. And anyone who's a bitch to 'ol Spiky McWaddles Face is ultra lame in my books.

He hears voices. He got one shotted after being MIA from the battle that took out all of his commanding officers. He drove through space like a frothing rabid dog and crashed into a glacier and knocked himself out.

I mean. This is some grade A Jackass stuff right here.


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