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With hundreds of characters, it's a giant bitch trying to figure out just one to highlight above all others. Especially on the Autobot side, where my bias isn't quite so heavy, or my love quite as thick. I mean, we who loves our Decepticons true must admit. Most of the Autobots just aren't quite as fun. First of all, they don't have as many mental and emotional disorders. The list just goes on from there.

But the one Autobot, who I've gone back to time and time again would be Ratchet. I think I liked him when I watched as a kid. For being Wheeljack's IDGAF drinking buddy and DAMMIT JIM, I'M A DOCTOR attitude. Also for apparently being a massive party guy in his younger days. I like him in TF: Animated, even though he's half Kup. He's just cantankerous and so regretful because underneath his gruff he's too much of a good guy.

Also gotta give him props for giving Megatron the finger and beating Starscream's face in back in Marvel days. Just because his morals said so. And no matter how much I've had to let myself get used to the designs in TF: Prime and get past those first episodes that were pretty F-ing dreadful, in there it's like the creators went reading fanfic and came out with that.

He's amazing. And I blame [ profile] justnuts entirely for why I kept watching. Also for making him even more awesome.

Bonus: My dream lulz AU for him would be teaming up with another medic. One who's outfit matches his paint job. One who has a Spy waiting for him back in the fridge.

Oh yeah. Don't lie. You know you all want to see it too.

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