Aug. 10th, 2011

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So I read the answers in my phone e-mail just before bed. That, apparently, is the mathematical equation for forgetting nearly anything that happens for daaaays.

→ Comment with "So Scandalous!" (*giggle-snort!*)
→ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. Where's my story?!! heheh
In pieces on my flash drive, where it's always been! Well, maybe not alllwayyys, but the original files were written on a computer that's very dead now. So dead. That thing could blow out RAM sticks like nobodies business, so I finally put it to sleep.

....I should give that motherboard to someone I hate.

2. Oh, let's go with Dream vacay for you too.
I'm still trying to figure that one out! I'm contradictory. I want to relax, but can't relax if I leave things up to someone else to plan. I'm the most detail oriented of most of my friends, and they sometimes throw fits about how spontaneous they want to be so I'll show up and wait for them to be spontaneous.

But they never look up the place we're going to, so don't know what spontaneous thing there is to do. Durrhurr!

I'm trying to get more fit so I can be more comfy on any vacations I go on. So the short term dream vacation is apparently going to be going over to Britland as long as it doesn't blow itself up by next year!

3. And dream car. Any vehicle in the world, what would you have? :B Eerrr. I've never cared much about the car I drive. Honestly, I'd drive a middle of the road car because I like to stay low key. I'd be more likely to hire guys all named Magnus to work on it and keep it in top shape instead. My Camry will work for me until it dies for now.

4. Skill all children should be taught, but generally don't learn in school. GOOD GOD, THINKING. With the standards for the FCAT now, all school does anymore is teach strictly to that test so that the school can remain in good standing. More than that, now we've got kids who are taught they're all super special Mcspecial snowflakes who should be coddled at all times. They don't learn how to lose. They don't think they should be able to lose. And they don't learn to make educated decisions for their damn selves.

A lot of parents make it worse because they think their little perfect angels aren't old enough to understand anything and continue to coddle and keep responsibility away from their kids until they're way too old to want to have anything to do with it. So between everyone coddling the shit out of these kids, they don't think they have to make any decisions.

...If I had a nickel for every recent graduate I've seen rolling up to interviews looking like slobs and acting like movie stars and can't figure out with a single atom in their brains why the hell anyone would not hire them so they can lounge around and do jack shit....

So that might not be one skill, but all related! Responsibility, Critical thinking and decision making. And most importantly, these should be taught to them while their parents aren't being hardass dickfaces about it so they can also learn to have confidence in themselves and their own ability. You know. Give them some actual ability to be successful adults. Not just pass tests.

5. You gonna come down for my bday and hit the epic bar with me, ruu, and april? :D

If you got room for two more, I think something can be arranged. Where is this. Epic bar?
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Let's have a hatefest. One that includes a few spoilers if you haven't seen these things somehow.

Day 03 - Least Favorite Autobot:

I tried to pick a different bot than Kon did. I really did. I tried, but I can't. Mostly because I hate him way more than she does.

I tried, I really did. Tried my best. But I just can't stand this guy. He was alright at first, I guess. But he sulks longer and worse than Thundercracker. He thinks he's the Avatar and he acts like depressed Naruto. He's half the reason why I can't accept Drift. I mean, Drift is bad enough all by himself.

And more than anything, it's because I can tell that the creators fap their asses off about him. They love him. His teary hippie attitude. His genius chakra robot meditation. And I can't help but think it's woefully bad. 'Oh.... ninja robot.... oh....' Not like it's anything new to the TF Franchise, but I had hoped that such stupid concepts had been left behind in the Marvel days.

But no. Then we have this guy. You don't know if he's going to stage a peaceful protest or go cry in the dark under the base. Then he goes and dies while holding a Robo-seance. What a hipster.

Day 04 - Least Favorite Decepticon:

Yeah, that's right. I said it. My least favorite Decepticon is movie Megatron. Most of the driving plot of evil is about him and his stupid. By the end, I just feel sorry for him since he's talking to walls and elephants and got lobotomized and can't seem to stop crying.

Mostly, I hate him because he's crazy. He's not cunning. He's not clever. He's barely even brutish. In 2007, he stormed around inside of buildings and reminded me of Jurassic Park. Sniffing out little fleshlings and crushing up through floors with his big teeth. In RotF. Well.

He's the Fallen's bitch. And anyone who's a bitch to 'ol Spiky McWaddles Face is ultra lame in my books.

He hears voices. He got one shotted after being MIA from the battle that took out all of his commanding officers. He drove through space like a frothing rabid dog and crashed into a glacier and knocked himself out.

I mean. This is some grade A Jackass stuff right here.


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