Jan. 27th, 2011

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I haven't posted to, well, anything lately. I've been horrible about reading twitter and facebook. I hardly look at lj anymore. My life has become this sort of whirlwind juggle of trying to go to the gym, working under new management (B/), spending too much money and indulging too much and going to my class.

I do have a back injury that was discovered after my accident. Not as serious as it could be, but it will be mostly permanent because lol spine. That got me thinking. I have to lift for my job, a lot. And not being able to do so makes me much less useful. Which made me worried about my job. Which made me network a little bit here and there.

Which brings me to the fact that I am more than likely MOVING within my organization. It will be astounding, and if the position I want gets approved, then apparently I will get it. The new prospective boss is apparently so interested that if they only get one slot, then she'll pick me. The only problem is that my current boss can say if I can leave or not because of internal rule shittery. So, I am currently waiting for him to tell me he's ready to talk to me so I can begin this conversation. So. Nothing official. Not officially opened up, but looking very, very likely that I am going to be MOVING ON.

Which will be awesome and astounding, since that job will not be the busy job that my current one is. It deals with security which also appeals to me more than end user support. Granted, there's all sorts of asshattery as far as trying to get other people to do their job so I can do mine, but I will have TIME again. At work, even, to study up. I'll get my Sec+, might even try to throw down for a CCSP. Decide if I want to get hardware or network certs. And in the meantime, go back to doing more school online because I'd have study time. FFFFFFF OMG I'M ACTUALLY EXCITED.

Since that would also mean time to do herpderp things like write, sketch and all the little things. :B

But while I wait for those AMAZING POSSIBILITIES, current life is just kinda mundane but fun. On impulse, I bought two budgies. Because one was GORGEOUS AND A BABY. She's regularly marked, but a grey wing and looks like she's grey factor in the body, too. So she looks entirely lilac and white. And she was SO FREAKING IN LOVE with a little normal but very deep and brightly colored turquoise boy. SHALLOW, BUT STILL. They still had all their little head bars and were hop hopping around together and sleeping up against one another. LIKE I COULD SEPARATE THAT.

I intended them to be cage birds, but I've had them less than a week and already managed to get both of them on my hands because they are so millet addicted I feel like a dealer. That little girl, who we named Bubbles, was smart enough to figure it out in a day. YOU HAVE MILLET :3 The boy took a little longer because he's MOE, and then freaked out and flapped himself into a corner and went under the dresser. Bubbles was all :C where did you- OH, FUCK NEVERMIND MILLET and didn't even cheep until I put her back in her cage.

Then we lured him out with moar millet sprays. He's totally moe and freaks the fuck out with trying to fly away, then hid in my hair like he thought he was safe.

We're thinking of naming him CHRONOS or MAGNUS. Something IRONIC AND MANLY. I think I like Chronos better, but Magnus is so manly. Do you get more manly than Magnus? I think I'd have to name him like, ROCK HARD PACK or MACHINE GUN or FLAMES or something to get more manly than Magnus.

Also, that beta is totally going to be named Tracks. Except he's like crazy Cliffjumper tracks. Always tries to attack the shiny colors on the tank background. But he's blue and has like, yellow flames in the middle of his tailfins. And swims around with THE BIGGEST DORSAL FIND I'VE SEEN ON A BETA EVER. Totally Tracks.

Waiting for meeting with the boss. FFFFFF this had better go well.


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